1. The number of drinks needed to raise your blood content above legal limits depends on:
Ans.: your body weight, the amount you drink and the time element involved.

2. 1½ ounces of 86 proof liquor (shot) contains the same amount of alcohol as?
Ans.: 12 ounces of beer or 5 ounces of wine.

3. If you drink to excess:
Ans.: time and only time will permit your body to get rid of the alcohol.

4. If someone leaves your house drunk:
Ans.: you can be involved in a law suit.

5. Studies show that the greatest number of people arrested for drunk driving had been drinking what kind of alcoholic beverage?
Ans.: Beer

6. If your blood alcohol content reaches this level you will be considered driving drunk?
Ans.: 10%

7. The implied consent law pertains to:
Ans.: the breath test.

8. The first offense for refusing to take the breath test is:
Ans.: 6 month license suspension.

9. More than 2 to 4 drinks usually:

Ans.: ( ) affects reaction time.
          ( ) affects coordination.
       ( ) affects judgement and balance.
      (x) all of the above.

10. If you approach a flashing red light you should:
Ans.: stop, then proceed with caution.

11. How far in advance should you signal before your intended turn?
Ans.: at least 100 feet

12. When a school bus has stopped in front of a school to pick up or let off children, you may pass from either direction at a speed of no more than:
Ans.: 10 MPH

13. On a roadway that is not divided by a raised median, when a school bus is stopped and has its flashing red lights on, you must:
Ans.: stop no closer that 25 feet.

14. If you have no moving violations, NJ allows up to three pints be subtracted from your driving record:
Ans.: one year from the date of your last moving violation.

15. If a student driver commits a traffic violation, the responsibility will be with:
Ans.: both the student and the instructor.

16. What lane should you be in to make a right turn?
Ans.: the right lane.

17. If two cars enter an uncontrolled intersection at the same time:
Ans.: the driver on the left should yield to the driver on the right.

18. At an uncontrolled intersection, one with no signs or signals, you should:
Ans.: reduce speed and be prepared to stop if necessary.

19. A solid line across an intersection, means:
Ans.: stop at the intersection behind the line.

20. It is legal to turn right on red when:
Ans.: You make a full stop at the intersection first.

21. the law allows you to turn right after stopping at a red light unless:
Ans.: there is a sign “no turn on red”.

22. The best way to take a curve is to:
Ans.: slow down before entering the curve.

23. Your vehicle will tend to move in what direction when traveling on a curve:
Ans.: in a straight line

24. You should expect to see double solid center lines on:
Ans.: a winding two lane road

25. When driving you should develop good habits such as:
Ans.: not staring at an object more than two seconds – it causes highway hypnosis. (the instructor should explain this in more detail)

26. The two second rule is used for:
Ans.: following distance

27. When driving you should stay a least:
Ans.: Two seconds (or 1 car length per 10 mph) behind the vehicle in front of you to give yourself time to react. (the instructor should explain this in more detail)

28. What position should your wheels be in when parking on a downhill street with the curb to the right?
Ans.: towards the curb

29. What is your total stopping distance on dry pavement when your car is going 50 mph
Ans.: 243 feet

30. High beam lights are used for:
Ans.: open country driving or going over 40 mph on a unlit roadway.

31. You should use your parking lights when:
Ans.: parking.

32. When on the side of the road (on a dirt shoulder) returning to the roadway you should:
Ans.: slow down and turn your wheel slightly to re-enter the roadway. (the instructor should explain this in more detail)

33. If you go into a skid:
Ans.: Take your foot off the gas pedal.

34. After driving through a deep puddle you should first?
Ans.: test your breaks

35. If your brakes suddenly give out you should:
Ans.: Pump brakes, reduce speed by shifting to a lower gear and use your parking brake. If a crash is unavoidable, try to sideswipe something flexible that will give way (i.e. bushes, etc)

36. Hydroplaning is a driving condition where tires lose traction on a wet road and float on a layer of water or slush. When this happens you should:
Ans.: slow down. (the instructor should explain this in more detail)

37. If you experience a blowout while driving you should:
Ans.: gradually slow down.

38. During the first few minutes of rainfall:
Ans.: streets are the most slippery

39. You are driving and suddenly your car goes into a skid, you should:
Ans.: turn the car in the direction that the rear of the car is skidding:

40. Use of your seat belt may:
Ans.: ( ) keep you from being thrown out of the vehicle
          ( ) keep your head from hitting the dashboard or windshield.
       ( ) keep you securely positioned in the seat to recover control of the car.
      (x) all of the above.

41. You may pass on the right when:
Ans.: the driver ahead of you is turning left and there is a proper lane on the right.

42. If you miss an exit on an expressway you should:
Ans.: go on to the next exit.

43. If you come to a four-way stop at the same time as another driver you must:
Ans.: Yield to the driver on the right.

44. When driving at night be sure that you can stop:
Ans.: Within the distance you can see ahead.

45. You can drive a moped if you are 15 years old or older and have a:
Ans.: ( )motorcycle license.
          ( )moped license.
       ( )driver’s license.
      (x) all of the above.

46. What can impair your driving:
Ans.: ( ) tranquilizers
          ( )cold pills
       ( ) prescription drugs
      (x) all of the above.

47. If your license is suspended and you are in an accident that causes injury, the penalty can be:
Ans.: ( ) a fine by a judge.
          ( ) further suspension of your license.
       ( ) mandatory jail term of 45 days.
      (x) all of the above.

48. In order to buy a permit, a 16 year old must:
Ans.: be with a commercial driving instructor or enroll in a high school behind- the- wheel course.

49. Q When your blood alcohol content reaches .05% your chances of getting involved in a serious or fatal accident will increase:
Ans.: 2 times (if the alcohol content is .10% the chances are 6 times as good and if the alcohol content is .15% the chances are 25% as good.

50. How many points can you accumulate before you receive a proposed license suspension?
Ans.: 12 points.

51. The type of vehicle an articulated license allows you to drive is:
Ans.: a vehicle over 18,000 pounds with a coupling device.

52. An agricultural license is used for:
Ans.: Agricultural/farming purposes. (Granted to persons who are between 16-17 years old for use only during daylight hours).

53. At the time of your road test you must present:
Ans.: ( ) a valid vehicle registration.
          ( ) a valid learner’s permit.
       ( ) a valid insurance ID card.
      (x) all of the above.

54. The best way to reduce your chances of having an alcohol related accident is to:
Ans.: not drive after drinking.

55. Signals should be used.
Ans.: ( ) when changing lanes.
         ( ) when turning.
       ( ) when slowing down.
      (x) all of the above.

56. Driving under the influence of alcohol refers to:
Ans.: driving when your judgement or senses are impaired.

57. You should always yield to:
Ans.: emergency vehicles, pedestrians and other cars in the intersection.

58. Whe approaching a railroad crossing with the flashing lights on:
Ans.: stop no closer than 15 feet and no further than 50 feet.

59. How close to a crosswalk are you permitted to park:
Ans.: 25 feet

60. What do you do at a steady amber light:?
Ans.: stop if you can do so safely

61. How close to a fire hydrant are you permitted to park?
Ans.: 10 feet

62. At a flashing amber light you should:
Ans.: slow down and proceed with caution.

63. During what period of time are studded snow tires legal?
Ans.: November 15 thru April 1

64. How close o a stop sign are you permitted to park?
Ans.: 50 feet

65. What is a probationary license?
Ans.: If you’ve never been licensed in this or any other state you are put on probation for 2 years.

66. What happens if you get 4 points while having a probationary license:
Ans.: you must attend Motor Vehicles driver improvement school

67. What is a habitual offender?
Ans.: Someone who has had their license suspended 3 times in a 3 year period of time.

68. If you have a license from another state and move into NJ how long do you have to apply for a NJ drivers license?
Ans.: 60 days

69 A 16 year old who has completed the 6 hours of behind the wheel can practice driving:
Ans.: From sunrise to sunset with a NJ licensed driver of 3 years or more.

70. When using a car for a road test:
Ans.: there must be room in the front seat for the examiner and they must be able to reach the brakes. (the instructor should explain this question in more detail)

71. If your license is lost or stolen to whom do you report this information immediately?
Ans.: The police

72. When you move from another state to NJ you must have your car inspected:
Ans.: Within 14 days of registering the car.

73. When you buy a used car it must be inspected within:
Ans.: 14 days of registering the car.

74. If you are arrested for drunk driving the conviction rate is:
Ans.: 96%

75. Whe you get new license plates you must take the old ones:
Ans.: and turn them in to Motor Vehicles, otherwise your license can be suspended

76. In city driving you should look at least:
Ans.: 12 seconds down the road.

77. The stopping distance of 40 mph is:
Ans.: 146 feet

78. The stopping distance at 30 mph is:
Ans.: 88 feet

79. At a green light you should:
Ans.: go with care when safe.

80. When your blood alcohol content reaches .05%
Ans.: you may or may not be under the influence.

81. If you move to NJ from another state, how long do you have to register you car?
Ans.: 60 days

82. A change of address must be reported to Motor Vehicles within:
Ans.: 1 week

83. A change of name must be reported to Motor Vehicles within
Ans.: 2 weeks.

84. Auto insurance required in NJ is:
Ans.: Liability

86. If you are stopped for a motor vehicle violation and are not wearing your seat belt the penalty is :
Ans.: $20.00 fine plus court costs.

87. The lane used to get on a highway is called:
Ans.: the acceleration lane.

88. The lane used to get off a highway is called:
Ans.: the deceleration lane.

89. How far from the entrance to a fire station are you permitted to park?
Ans.: 20 feet when on the same side of the road as the station and 75 feet when on the opposite side of the road.

90. How do you “talk” to other drivers?
Ans.: signals and position of the car

91. When someone is passing you:
Ans.: slow down to help the other driver pass you.

92. If you are angry or excited:
Ans.: give yourself time to calm down before driving.

93. When parking on an uphill street with the curb to the right, your wheels should be turned:
Ans.: towards the roadway.

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