Secret Missions in Wargames


SECRET is an interactive experience that explores clandestine activities of Union and Confederate agents during the Civil War. The museum offers a narrated experience with primary digital interactives that blend into the gallery walls.


The Secret missions are special objectives during each boss fight, usually revolving around exploiting a weakness or making the fight easier in some way. There are rewards for completing them, including material and even a costume title for Yuri.

Activation count

Secret missions are a great way to score points for your team in a non-combat situation. They’re a little bit more difficult to accomplish than normal missions, but the rewards can make it worth the effort. However, there are some things you should know about these missions before you try to complete them.

In order to get a secret mission, you’ll have to locate some markings that form a circle on a wall or ceiling and stand in the right spot to activate it. These spots are usually denoted with a red glow and they’re often near the edges of a room. If you successfully complete a secret mission, you’ll receive a Blue Orb Fragment.

These special missions are meant to challenge a duelist, but they can be quite difficult. They often require specific setups and cards to unlock, which can make them more difficult to achieve. However, completing these missions will reward the duelist with Titles and Gems.

Currently, only Rebels and GAR can take advantage of these secret missions. R2-D2 can be taken for both factions, while Padme Amidala gets the ability by divulging Diplomatic Cover, her 3-pip command card. Ideally, you should deploy the Secret Mission unit as close to the enemy army as possible. This way, they’ll be in a position to intercept any attacks the enemy is planning against them.


A secret mission requires the use of a code language that only 흥신소 the intended audience can understand. This enables the missions to avoid being detected and ruined by the enemy. It is also important to have a trusted team to develop the mission. This will ensure that the mission is done correctly and that it will not fail.

The best deployments for Secret Mission are Disarray, Battle Lines, and Hemmed In. These deployments force both armies to choose an edge and are often equal range from one another (terrain notwithstanding). This allows Secret Mission units to slip into home plate.

Using these deployments in combination with a high bid can be very effective for scoring Secret Mission points. However, you should avoid interposing your army between the Secret Mission unit and your opponent’s army, since this can give the enemy an opportunity to turn on your mission.

In addition, deploying your Secret Mission unit within a closed nation can taint the testimony of national Christians by implying deception. Personal friends serving in such nations have succeeded with openness and honesty, gaining respect from local officials and police.


While the Secret missions themselves may be challenging, there are a variety of threats that can affect how well you perform on them. These threats include timers, destructible background objects, or enemies. While these obstacles can help add a new level of difficulty to your mission, they should not distract you from your main goal.

For example, one of the first missions in the game, entitled “Helping the Needy,” requires you to aid people in Vinewood. This includes picking up people without any means of transportation, stealing cars for them, or donating money. Once a player completes the mission, they will be offered more tasks from Epsilon. Eventually, the player will be asked to deliver a car full of cash to a mysterious altruist cult.

Other threats can come in the form of a rogue agent or an overly aggressive boss. These types of threats will require you to adapt your strategy in order to overcome them. For example, if an enemy is constantly retaliating, you might want to use the Force to take them out instead of attacking them directly. This will save your life, as well as the lives of others. You can also rely on the force to deflect attacks from enemies you are trying to protect.


A Secret mission is a special mission that requires forward planning to unlock. Typically these are exotic missions, with longer play times than a Dungeon and requiring more advanced strategy to complete.

These can involve destroying or protecting specific areas, or simply getting to the right spot at the correct time. The key is to look for red markings forming a circle on the wall, floor or ceiling. Then you have to stand in the centre of that circle, or close enough, and a red beam of light will appear, signalling the Secret mission is activated. Then you can proceed to challenge the objective.

For example, the first secret mission in this expansion is found near the end of a level when you reach a slope that is blocked by roots at the bottom – just before a blood clot on the right. Destroy the blood clot and walk into the area that opened behind it and you’ll find the Secret mission (Spoilers: it involves destroying the Death Scissors, but don’t worry, it’s not difficult).

Secret missions are particularly good for Hemmed In and Danger Close deployments, since the armies are forced to choose one edge of the board and the deployment zones are only Range 2 apart in some places. This means that even if the opponent brings units that specialize in hunting down R2-D2 and Padme (full BX droid squads come to mind), you can still score victory points by getting them into home plate at the start of the game.

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