Curtain Rods and Finials


Curtain rods and finials are more than just a support for your drapes. They’re a key element in the overall aesthetic of your space.


With a wide selection of finishes and finial styles, Kirsch has the drapery hardware to match your aesthetic. From glass ovals to minimalist flat-end caps, there’s something for every space in your home.

Wood Trends Collection

Kirsch’s Wood Trends Collection features durable hardwoods in styles and finishes that work with all kinds of design aesthetics. Popular finial designs like ball, sherwood and oakleaf cone paired with fluted or smooth wood curtain rods create inviting and traditional window treatments. Kirsch wood poles are crafted to last and come in 6 foot, 8 foot and 12 foot sections. They also offer swivel sockets to make corner and angular installation simple. Metal connectors allow you to join two or more poles together to reach the full length of your window. For bay or corner applications, swivel sockets also allow you to conform the rods to the shape of your windows using a single bracket at each joint.

Finished with classic details and rich colors, these drapery hardware pieces are a perfect match for other wood furnishings in your home. Choose a look that best reflects your rooms design style, from rustic to formal and Tudor-inspired.

Paris Texas Hardware offers a wide array of Kirsch custom curtain rods and finials in sizes, shapes and colors. Our selection includes a choice of single and double curtain rods, motorized traverse drapery rods, Ripplefold style systems, and even wrought iron drapery brackets. We also stock a variety of rings and clips for use with flat panel valances, and coordinating sconces for your windows.

Curtain rods and finials are the finishing touch to your window treatment, tying your room’s design together with an elegant style statement. Our large selection of finials and rings allows you to select the one that fits your design style perfectly, and our wide array of custom bracket options gives you all the flexibility you need for your specific window.

We also carry the full line of Designer Metals products from Kirsch, which offers a similar breadth of styles and finishes for a dramatic decorative finish to your window treatment. With the right combination of these premium, designer quality components, you can create a sophisticated look for any window.

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